The Mercyhurst Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee of faculty and administrators that has been tasked with approving, monitoring, and reviewing biomedical and behavioral research involving humans. The committee's goal is to protect the rights and welfare of the subjects involved in research. The IRB meets on a monthly basis to review proposals and may recommend necessary changes before the approval of the reasearch.

Research Proposals Reviewed by the IRB


  1. "Emotional Intelligence and How it Plays a Role in Our Musical Preference"
  2. "The Effect of Proximity and Personality on Formulating Relationships"

Organizational Leadership

  1. "The Problem of Low Level Staffing in the Nursing Care Today: It's Impact on Quality Care and Employee Commitment"
  2. "An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Bull's Eye Leadership Model in Retaining, Teaching, and Prioritizing Organizational and Leadership Values in a High School Women's Ice Hockey Team"

Sports Medicine

  1. "The Comparison of Two Different Style Weight Vests on the Agility and Speed of an Athlete After a Plyometric Training Program"
  2. "Effects of a Balance Training Program on Postural Stability in the Lower Extremity"


  1. "Comparing Instructional Strategies: Lecturing vs. Cooperative Learning Groups"

Intelligence Analysis

  1. "Intelligence Media Study: Determining the Effectiveness of a Multimedia Intelligence Product"
  2. "Appropriate Measures of Analytic Confidence in Intelligence Analysis"