Get a head start on your college education with Mercyhurst University’s Dual Enrollment program. Through Dual Enrollment, students at high schools in the Erie region now have the chance to take university-level courses on the Mercyhurst campus or online and earn transferrable college credits. A number of different courses from across the curriculum are open to high school students. Visiting high school students will have access to the same quality educational experiences as university students, benefiting from Mercyhurst’s small classes in safe, comfortable learning environments with individualized attention from responsive faculty. 

Transferrable Credits

Mercyhurst is a fully accredited university with nationally recognized programs of study. Any university credits students earn during high school will count toward a Mercyhurst degree, and most credits will transfer to other accredited U.S. colleges and universities. The transferability of your credits makes Dual Enrollment an excellent option to complete introductory-level or prerequisite courses before you officially start college.

Affordable Tuition

Mercyhurst offers a highly discounted tuition rate for qualified high school students: $100 per credit for most courses. Additional fees may apply for some students in some courses.

Spring 2020 Important Dates

Full Spring

First Day of Classes: 01/13/2020
Last Day to Add/Drop: 01/17/2020
Last Day to Pass/Fail: 04/03/2020
Last Day to Withdraw: 04/14/2020
Last Day of Classes: 05/01/2020

Mini A

First Day of Classes: 01/13/2020
Last Day to Add/Drop: 01/17/2020
Last Day to Pass/Fail: 02/14/2020
Last Day to Withdraw: 02/21/2020
Last Day of Classes: 02/28/2020

Mini B

First Day of Classes: 03/09/2020
Last Day to Add/Drop: 03/13/2020
Last Day to Pass/Fail: 04/03/2020
Last Day to Withdraw: 04/14/2020
Last Day of Classes: 05/01/2020

Contact Us

Registrar's Office
Phone: 814-824-2250
Email: visitingstudents@mercyhurst.edu