The Mercyhurst University Department of Physics seeks to provide a high-quality physics education that prepares students to be the scientists of the future, confident in their abilities and their understanding of physics. Because we believe that simple factual knowledge is not sufficient, the department seeks to instill strong analytical and critical thinking skills in our students. To accomplish this goal, our department is centered on the following tenets:

  • A student-centered approach
  • A focus on scientific inquiry
  • A commitment to promoting diversity
  • A dedication to standards of excellence
  • A belief in developing the whole person

Along with our major courses, we also strive to provide students with a liberal arts background that contributes to a well-rounded academic. Students in any of our courses should acquire the foundational knowledge necessary to be successful in their field and as thoughtful citizens. Our graduates should have the expertise and competence in physics to be prepared for that study in the physical science and or for employment.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Mastery of fundamental physics principles

  • Students show proficiency at solving quantitative problems that require an understanding of the fundamental principles in each of the major areas of physics. 
  • Students show proficiency at explaining qualitatively the broad array of physical phenomena that can be explained using these fundamental concepts.

Outcome 2: Application of previously learned information in new contexts

  • Students show proficiency at transferring fundamental principles into the advanced study in physics areas such as classical mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics.

Skills Outcomes:

Outcome 3: Demonstration of proficiency in scientific methods of inquiry

  • Students can design and carry out simple experiments including the collection, analysis, and presentation of meaningful data.

Outcome 4: Acquisition of professional skills

  • Students can complete a literature review including the ability to read and use scientific literature.
  • Students can present well-organized, logical, and scientifically sound oral and written scientific reports.

Value Outcomes:

Outcome 5: Recognition of the broader implications of an education in physics

  • Students demonstrate an awareness of the impact of physics in social, economical, and environmental issues.
  • Students value both independent study and teamwork, as well as hold an appreciation for life-long learning.

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