tom forsthoefel
Preston 211

His articles have been published in Philosophy East and West, Journal of Ecumenical Studies, International Journal of Hindu Studies, Journal of Vaishnava Studies, and Horizons, among others, and he has written or edited four books: Knowing Beyond Knowledge (Ashgate, 2002), a study of the cognitive dimension of religious experience in Hindu Advaita, Gurus in America (SUNY, 2006),Soulsong: Seeking Holiness, Coming Home (Orbis, 2006), and The Dalai Lama: Essential Writings (Orbis, 2008), an edited volume of the philosophical, ethical, and meditation teachings of the Dalai Lama.

Thomas Forsthoefel, Ph.D., is Professor of Religious Studies (Ph.D. University of Chicago), specializing in South Asian religion and philosophy. Dr. Forsthoefel was the Erie County Poet Laureate from 2010-2012 and served as department chair from 2006-2013.

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