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Our Professional Internship Program is open to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students from all majors.

Students are available to complete internships during the fall, spring and summer semesters.

Students get valuable experience and can earn academic credit while completing an internship. 

We encourage all host organizations to consider compensating their interns to help them defer some of the expenses associated with the internship.

Download an overview of our program here.

Why recruit Mercyhurst University students?

  • Mercyhurst University is nationally recognized for its academics and athletics
  • We offer bachelor’s degrees in over 50 majors, encompassing the liberal arts and applied sciences
  • Our students engage in a multitude of study abroad and cross-cultural opportunities
  • Our students have distinguished themselves as national scholars
  • Service is a core value for our students
  • When asked, 56% of the internship hosts rate Mercyhurst students as better than interns from other schools
  • According to internship performance evaluation data:
    • 96% of the internship hosts say Mercyhurst students are academically prepared to perform the assigned objectives
    • 95% of the internship hosts would hire the student if a full-time job was available
  • Like your competition, you can provide meaningful learning opportunities for students while at the same time use your internship program as a training ground for future hires (students are aware there is no guarantee of a job or job offer at the conclusion of the internship)

How can you ensure you'll provide a quality internship?

To ensure that your internship is a "guided learning experience", and thus eligible to be considered legitimate for academic credit, the following criteria established by The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) must be met.  

  • The experience must be an extension of the classroom: a learning experience that provides for applying the knowledge gained in the classroom. It must not be simply to advance the operations of the employer or be the work that a regular employee would routinely perform
  • The skills or knowledge learned must be transferable to other employment settings
  • The experience has a defined beginning and end, and a job description with desired qualifications
  • There are clearly defined learning objectives/goals related to the professional goals of the student's academic coursework
  • There is supervision by a professional with expertise and educational and/or professional background in the field of the experience
  • There is routine feedback by the experienced supervisor
  • There are resources, equipment, and facilities provided by the host employer that support learning objectives/goals

How will you interview interested candidates?

All of the following approaches are acceptable:

  • Mercyhurst can assist you to conduct on campus interviews.
  • Mercyhurst can collect resumes and forward them to you.
  • Mercyhurst can facilitate Skype interviews.
  • Like most employers, you may choose to have interested candidates email their resume directly to you in response to your internship announcement. 

 Note:  The Mercyhurst University Internship Program cannot guarantee students for any particular semester.

How can I set up an internship with Mercyhurst University?

Outline a learning agreement which details what the students duties will be during the internship. Duties should be as challenging as possible and afford students 200 field hours over the course of a semester. Helpful hints to craft an appropriate learning agreement appear below and additional instructions are included in Internship Overview and the Internship Affiliation Agreement

Mercyhurst’s provide employers access to our on-line career management system called Handshake. You can create your own account and post internships and jobs directly. Your entry will be approved within 24 hours and available for viewing by students thereafter

Download the Mercyhurst University Internship Affiliation Agreement to become a formal partner with our program here.

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