Ridge College students, TRSS collaborate on real-world problems

Monday, May 18, 2020

caeResearch measures influence of cyber-attacks

Five students from the Ridge College of Intelligence Studies & Applied Sciences at Mercyhurst University recently collaborated with Thomson Reuters Special Services (TRSS) on a research and analysis project focused on cyber-attacks from foreign entities.

The students’ findings supported TRSS’s ongoing special research, innovation, and business solutions, according to TRSS officials.

“Our relationship with Mercyhurst is part of how we invest in the future,” said TRSS President James Dinkins. “It’s a great opportunity for our analysts to be part of mutual learning and mentorship, and it’s our privilege to be part of the foundation of the students’ careers.”

For the third consecutive year, the Analysis Department at TRSS sponsored a project for undergraduate intelligence studies students as part of their capstone strategic intelligence course taught by Dr. Christopher Corpora, in which students applied essential research and analysis principles to a real-world question posed by TRSS project leaders.

In early January, TRSS tasked the students to identify an analytic methodology related to cybersecurity and technology that could be applied to real-world events. Their focus was to research suspected cyberattacks from foreign entities and measure the influence of these activities.

Student analysts included Johanna Nordland, Baylee Neugebauer, Michael Scarpello, Thomas Walsh, and Robert Gatesman.

Over four months, the students collected and analyzed vast amounts of open source information and tested their methodology with feedback and assistance from TRSS. The project culminated in two deliverables: an oral briefing to TRSS’s Analysis Department and an extensive written report.

Mercyhurst University President Michael T. Victor thanked TRSS for the opportunity to collaborate, adding, “Part of the Mercyhurst academic experience is the assertion we make that each student will have an experiential learning opportunity in his or her major before graduating. The caliber of those experiences, the resources they provide, and the insights they afford our students, in this case, partnering our intelligence studies students with the highly regarded Thomson Reuters Special Services, increases their proficiency and career readiness.”

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