Advance as a skilled, ethical leader in justice and service.

Broaden your perspectives and build management expertise in the criminal justice and social service fields through Mercyhurst’s online Criminal Justice Administration master’s program. Many government agencies require advanced academic preparation for those in supervisory positions. For more than 35 years, this graduate program has earned a reputation for preparing highly competent criminal justice and social service practitioners, as well as future Ph.D. students, who are committed to improving the criminal justice system.

Dedicated Faculty Support

Members of our diverse faculty demonstrate a rich tradition of accomplishments and academic excellence, authoring books and journal articles in their areas of expertise, and mentoring and collaborating with students on research. Our graduates are well prepared to accept leadership roles and positions such as correctional institute directors, juvenile justice and child care agency supervisors, county- to federal-level probation officers, law enforcement officers, attorneys, and university professors.

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Our Mission

The Criminal Justice Administration program is dedicated to developing critical thinking, diversity appreciation, civic responsibility, and leadership in our students. We prepare students for careers in the helping professions, for leadership in criminal justice and community affairs, and for the pursuit of advanced degrees. Engaging students in sustained and civil conversations about the relationship between individual and community well-being is both an objective and a means for realizing other objectives.

A Flexible Curriculum

The Criminal Justice Administration curriculum is designed to work for both recent college graduate and working professionals to complete the program in approximately two years. 

As a student in this program, you’ll take courses such as:

CJA 515 Organized and White Collar Crime

This course examines corporate, occupational, professional and organized crime, the biggest growth area of crime and law enforcement activity today. Explore recent legal developments and literature and emerging trends in the criminal justice system’s reaction to these types of crimes.

CJA 550 Politics of Crime

This seminar studies the ideological, theoretical, and conceptual perspectives of social organization, criminality, public policy, and the mechanics of social control. Topics include the use of power and position in the development of criminal justice policies and the rhetoric and symbolic aspects of crime control. 

CJA 605 Government Management

Emphasis in this course is placed on primary areas of personnel and fiscal administration. Personnel areas such as labor/management relations, motivation, planning, control, recruitment, selection, training and evaluation are covered.

Opportunities for Veterans

Mercyhurst strives to go beyond "veteran friendly" toward providing a truly supportive and engaging experience for all our veterans, service members, and dependents. Given the nature of the coursework and the relevant interests and experiential backgrounds, military veterans are often excellent candidates for this program. Mercyhurst is a proud participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, as well as being named Pennsylvania's second Purple Heart Universities and obtaining recognition as a Military Friendly School. Our Office of Veterans Services is ready to work with you to connect you with our strong support network and range of services available to veterans and dependents.

Convenient Online Delivery

The online Criminal Justice Administration curriculum is designed with working professionals in mind. This 30-credit program is completely online and thesis-optional. Students can enroll on a full-time or part-time basis, with the opportunity to enroll at the start of the Fall or Spring semesters. Online learning at Mercyhurst offers:

Guided Learning

Courses are carefully planned to build sequentially on previous concepts, ensuring you make progress and stay on track to master the program material.

Classroom Engagement

Your online experience includes opportunities to interact with classmates and professors in real time through applied projects, review sessions and presentations.

Student Resources

You’ll be a full Mercyhurst student, with the same access to the university’s amenities, library system, writing center, career services, health center, etc., as an on-campus student.

Close-knit Community

Get to know professors and peers through collaborative work and research. New students are admitted to the program each term

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