Welcome, GEO Group employees!

Continue your education and position yourself for professional advancement at a significantly reduced cost, thanks to a new partnership between Mercyhurst University and the GEO Group. As a GEO Group employee, you are eligible for significant discounts—up to $650 per 3-credit course—on select Mercyhurst graduate programs, including Criminal Justice Administration, Organizational Leadership, Applied Intelligence, and Special Education & Applied Disability Studies. Students may also be eligible for low interest federal loans or other sources of financial aid to cover costs completely. Learn more about graduate financial aid here.

The Criminal Justice Administration, Organizational Leadership, and Applied Intelligence programs can be completed 100 percent online, giving you access to Mercyhurst’s experienced faculty, cutting-edge coursework and other dynamic learning experiences no matter where you are. Scheduling flexibility and full- and part-time options allow you to earn your master’s without disrupting your career. Learn more about these graduate programs below.

Criminal Justice Administration
Master of Science or Graduate Certificate

Available 100 percent online

Broaden your perspectives and build management expertise in the criminal justice and social service fields through Mercyhurst University’s online Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. For more than 35 years, this graduate program has earned a reputation for providing in-depth instruction in governmental management, organizational dynamics, professional ethics and advanced research competency.

This 30-credit master’s program is founded in the theory and policymaking of the criminal justice and social service fields, making it ideal for working professionals, criminal justice practitioners and recent baccalaureate graduates. Through the program’s focused coursework, you’ll grow as an educated, ethical leader with the advanced credentials often needed for work in a supervisory capacity. The curriculum includes courses in Organizational and Human Behavior, Organized and White Collar Crime, Politics of Crime, Law and Society, Issues in Juvenile Justice, and Forensic Science, to name a few.

Learn more about the Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration here. A four-course (12-credit) graduate certificate in Criminal Justice Administration is also available.

Organizational Leadership
Master of Science or Graduate Certificate

Available on campus or 100 percent online

Leadership is about adapting to change, earning trust and gaining support, creating vision and making ethical decisions. Studying Organizational Leadership (OL) equips you with an understanding of leadership principles, opportunities to further develop leadership skills, and effective ways to think critically, solve problems and make sound decisions. This skills learned in this program will complement almost every background and can be applied in virtually every field. Through OL, graduate students learn about the complex process of leadership and how they can practice it in their organizations as informed, prepared leaders.

Since 1998, more than 90 percent of our OL graduates have leveraged their grad degrees to begin new careers or to accept promotions with their employers. Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on collaboration, interactive exercises, case studies and the study of theory to develop leaders who know how to drive performance and motivate others to achieve results. Customize your degree to your interests and career goals with concentrations in: accounting, higher education administration, human resource management, sports leadership, and strategy and innovation.

The OL program is an excellent alternative for those considering MBA programs, though it differs in several key ways. Whereas MBA programs primarily focus on organizational rules, procedures and problem solving in a business structure, the OL program emphasizes entrepreneurship, vision and strategy, team building, motivation and empowering others to meet needs.

Learn more about Organizational Leadership here. A four-course (12-credit) graduate certificate is also available in Organizational Leadership or in any of the five concentrations listed above.

Applied Intelligence
Master of Science or Graduate Certificate

Available 100 percent online

Data-driven decision makers are in high demand in the business and intelligence worlds. The first non-governmental initiative of its kind in the U.S., Mercyhurst’s intelligence studies program has earned a reputation as one of the most respected intel programs in the world. In this graduate program, you will become an expert research and intelligence analyst, capable of leading analytical teams in competitive business, law enforcement and national security.

Core coursework focuses on communication, research methods, and theories and applications, while a selection of electives will further focus your studies in law enforcement, national security or competitive intelligence. Students develop advanced research abilities, learn to apply analytic techniques and methodologies, as well as hone their analytical writing and briefing skillsets.

Analysis careers are among the fastest growing fields in the U.S.; the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects analyst jobs will increase by as much as 21 percent by 2024. Applied Intelligence graduates excel in finding new careers or exceling in their current field, as evidenced by our 90 percent 6-month career placement rate in recent years.

Learn more about Applied Intelligence here.

Special Education and Applied Disability Studies
Master of Science or Graduate Certificate

Available on campus / Autism Graduate Certificate 100 percent online

Acquire the skills, knowledge and practical experience to teach or provide services to students and adults with special learning or behavioral needs. This 30- to 33-credit program enables you to refine your critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as your applied research competencies, through a curriculum focused on the principles of effective education, normalization, critical pedagogy and accommodation of individual differences. Practical experiences in the field will prepare you to identify and understand what your students with special needs already know, while evaluating what they each need to further learn and grow.

This master’s program offers excellent preparation for a career as a behavior specialist, human services administrator or coordinator of disability services. If you’re already a certified teacher, this master’s program can lead to dual certification as a special education teacher through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Concentrations in Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis, or English Language Learners offer you the opportunity to further specialize in the special education field.

Learn more about the Special Education & Applied Disability Studies master’s program here.

Secondary Education
Master of Science

Available 100 percent online (plus student teaching in a district near you)

Hone your skills as a teacher with this innovative program combining online coursework (33 to 36 credits) with 12 weeks of student teaching in a district near your home. This program aims to graduate educators who demonstrate strong pedagogical skills, exhibit an in-depth understanding of theory and research, develop as leaders in education and utilize a reflective-practitioner approach to teaching.

Those with a bachelor's degree in English, math, biology, chemistry, earth science, history or social studies can earn Pennsylvania Department of Education Teacher Certification and the master's concurrently. This Pennsylvania certification can be easily transferred to other states; in fact, Pennsylvania-certified teachers are often in high demand nationally, thanks to Pennsylvania’s rigorous certification standards.

Online course components are asynchronous, which means you can complete the program on your own time, around family or work commitments. This program can be completed in as little as one year.

Learn more about the Secondary Education master’s program here.

Application Resources

When you’re ready to apply, you can fill out the free application at For questions, contact the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education at 814-824-3351.

To determine eligibility for the tuition discount, all applicants must submit the Employer Reimbursement Form and the Educational Benefits Supplemental Grant Program Application. After completing the forms, please submit them to Travis Lindahl in the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education by email to or by fax to 814-824-3297.