Keyman Asefi
BSc, M.A., Allied ASID, IDEC
Wayne 106


Keyman is an interior architecture instructor at Mercyhurst University, in Walker College of business and Management. Keyman felt a desire early on to see more of the world. He moved to the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to begin his associates in architecture. He then went on to graduate with a B.S (Hons) in Architectural Technology.  He started working at a medium scale firm in Malaysia (GDP), becoming involved in the design of luxury high-rise buildings. While working in Malaysia, Keyman was also reading and studying the sustainable methods used in Singapore’s architectural design. After his experience in Southeast Asia, Keyman decided that he wanted to experience American architecture and its own design language. He moved to the Midwest in 2013 to pursue a degree in Human Environmental Studies at Southeast Missouri State University.


Keyman’s research was based on the concept of forming a building that was physically efficient, psychological efficient, environmentally sufficient, and sustainable. Using these factors as a guiding force, he completed a creative thesis project, graduating from Southeast Missouri State University with an M.A. (HES) in Interior Design.

After graduating from Southeast Missouri State University, Keyman accepted a position at Mercyhurst University in Fall 2015 where he helps students understand the design principles and technologies that he has been utilizing since the beginning of his career.

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