katie huba
Program Director, OASIS
Miller 14

Program director Katie Huba has been employed with Mercyhurst North East since 2017. Originally from Pittsburgh, Katie has been working in the special education field since the age of 12. In 2016, while finishing her master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis with Mercyhurst University, she was offered the opportunity to complete a graduate internship with the OASIS Program. Upon graduation, Katie was offered the opportunity to step in as program director. In August 2017, she became a board certificated behavior analyst and works in the community as a behavior specialist.

Katie’s passion for special education is rooted in her belief that students should be able to choose their own educational and career paths in the most natural environments possible. “Since a young age, I have noticed that others tend to speak for this population, and although it always stems from a caring and loving place, I want to make sure our students know they have a choice in what they do with the rest of their lives.” 

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