jennifer webb
Zurn 119

Jennifer Webb earned her B.S. in Anthropology from Central Michigan University, where her undergraduate Honors research thesis focused on an evaluation of the Homo naledi species to determine if it is indeed its own species or just a variation of the Homo sapien species. During her undergraduate career, she completed an internship abroad at the Servicio Médico Legal de Chile in Santiago, Chile. There she assisted with the analysis of human skeletal remains, determining their sex, ancestry, age, and stature, as well as examining skeletal trauma. As a result, she was able to identify multiple individuals killed in the Pinochet dictatorship and give insight into how they may have died. In May of 2019, she graduated from Mercyhurst with her M.S. in Anthropology with a concentration in Forensic and Biological Anthropology. During her time spent at Mercyhurst, Jennifer worked as a Graduate Assistant and a Summer Fellow in the Department of Applied Forensic Sciences and has aided in the analysis and recovery of human remains from crime scenes in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. To date, she has assisted with over 50 forensic cases. 

Jennifer’s research interests lie in human rights investigations, taphonomy, and skeletal trauma. Her master’s thesis developed and tested standard research protocols for studying fracture characteristics throughout the postmortem interval. 

At Mercyhurst, Jennifer teaches undergraduate and graduate courses, including human osteology, intro to forensic anthropology, and basics of forensic anthropology. She also oversees the curation of the extensive Donated Human and Zooarchaeological Collections and the Forensic Case Databases in the Department of Applied Forensic Sciences. Outside of work, she enjoys figure skating, spending time with her family (husband and dogs), and enjoying the outdoors.