Are you a Mercyhurst North East (MNE), Booker T Washington (BTW) or Corry campus student looking to take your Mercyhurst experience to the next level? Take the next step towards a bachelor’s degree at our Erie campus- where traditional students could qualify for an $18,000 Egan Scholarship and adult students benefit from a significantly reduced tuition rate- and continue on as a member of the Mercyhurst community!

If you’ve not yet explored the available majors at the Erie campus, be sure to check out what’s available on our Academic Programs page. Make the easy transition from your degree, or certificate, at MNE, BTW, and Corry into one of our many bachelor’s degree programs, such as:

  • Biology
  • Business- Accounting
  • Business- Administration
  • Business- Sport Management
  • Computer Systems Support
  • Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Hospitality Management
  • Information Technology Specialist

Other programs are popular with students who are interested in human services, applied sciences or using their allied health degree as a springboard into a different career, such as:

  • Intelligence Studies
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Work
  • Sports Medicine & Athletic Training

Beside academic programs, there are many reasons why the Erie campus may be right for you.

  • Have you enjoyed the small class sizes at your current campus?
  • Are you interested in taking classes that challenge your way or thinking or that can expand your knowledge in a field that interests you?
  • Would you benefit from internship, study abroad or community service experiences that get you an education outside the classroom?
  • Are you looking forward to being part of a dynamic campus community full of arts and culture, athletics and student organizations?

If your answers are “YES!”, then Mercyhurst is the campus you’ll be excited to be calling home!

Admissions Process

We value the work you’ve already completed as a Mercyhurst student and hope that you value the opportunity to continue on at the Hurst. As you consider the switch to Erie campus as an internal transfer, and once you have an idea about what you may want to study, you’ll want to do the following: [NOTE: If you’re not sure which bachelor’s degree to study just yet, give admissions a call to discuss your options before filling out the form- (814) 824-2202.]

  • Complete the Mercyhurst University Program Change Form. Print and fill out the Academic Program Change Form. You can drop it off to Doug Gifford in Miller Hall 10A on the Mercyhurst North East campus. Mr. Gifford will meet with you to ensure the form is properly completed.
  • File a FAFSA for the upcoming school year. If you are transferring to the Erie campus for the fall semester be sure to fill out a FAFSA for the following school year as soon as possible! This will maximize your financial aid eligibility.
  • Stay tuned for an email and/or phone call from Erie campus admissions. The enrollment counselor will want to discuss your program goals, transfer credits, financial aid and any other topics you may have questions about.
  • Stay tuned for an email and/or phone call from a bachelor’s degree faculty member. As we move your file through the system, you’re assigned a faculty adviser. He or she will want to discuss your academic background and what to expect upon entering your bachelor’s degree program.
  • Set up a campus visit. You don’t need to wait for a phone call or email. As soon as you are interested in the Erie campus, set up an appointment with admissions to get a campus tour and meet with both an enrollment counselor and faculty member in your program of choice. Call (814) 824-2202 to schedule your Mercyhurst University visit today!

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information to make an informed decision, you’ll be asked to fill out an Intent to Enroll form, at which point we’ll confirm you for the next semester and get to work on your schedule, financial aid and housing assignment (if applicable).

Admissions Requirements

As an internal transfer, you will not need to request transcripts be sent to the undergraduate admissions office. Admission decisions are based on your cumulative academic experience (your work at a Mercyhurst site, as well as any other previous academic work you submitted for admission to that site).

Should you be admitted, you will be notified of the required cumulative GPA needed to graduate with the bachelor’s degree of your choice. The cumulative GPA will be calculated with all Mercyhurst coursework taken into account, regardless of which Mercyhurst campus courses were taken.

A personal interview, personal essay and/or academic writing sample may be requested to help the undergraduate admissions office make a more informed admission decision.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

With a new core, REACH, and efforts to make a more seamless ‘2+2’ associate degree to bachelor’s degree track, it’s a great time to transfer to Erie campus! Your enrollment counselor will evaluate your Mercyhurst coursework to date, as well as any coursework from any previous institutions you may have attended, to determine what courses you’ll have left to complete your bachelor’s degree. You will know what coursework you have left before needing to make a final decision on transferring to Erie campus.

Given the nature of the new REACH core, there are more opportunities to transfer in previous coursework to count towards your bachelor’s degree. In short, there’s never been a better time to transfer to the Erie campus to complete your bachelor’s degree!

Upon completion of the transfer credit evaluation, all of those who will be assisting you with registration during your time at Erie campus will be notified. This will help assure that you are scheduled for the courses you need in a sequence that makes sense.

Financial Aid

Our goal is to make finishing your bachelor’s degree as affordable as we made earning your associate degree or certificate. Once you’ve completed the FAFSA for the academic year in which you’ll be transferring, our admissions and student financial services offices can begin calculating how much financial aid you’ll receive for that year.

As an undergraduate student yet to earn a bachelor’s degree, you may still be eligible for PELL grants, PHEAA state grants (PA residents only), and direct loans.

In addition to federal and state aid, we will consider you for both merit- and need-based institutional grants and scholarships in an attempt to make your cost to attend similar to what you paid at the North East, Booker T Washington or Corry campus. All internal transfers will receive a $1,000 Internal Transfer President Grant. Costs vary based on your program of choice and whether you are a dependent or independent student according to the FAFSA.

Egan Scholarships are awarded to traditional-aged internal transfer students using the following cumulative GPA scale:

GPA                                    Scholarship Award

3.5-4.0                                 $18,000

3.25-3.49                                   $16,000

3.0-3.24                                    $15,000

2.75-2.99                              $10,000

Adult internal transfer students will benefit from an already reduced tuition rate and full-time students are may be eligible for an internal transfer scholarship using the following GPA scale:

GPA                                   Scholarship Award

3.5-4.0                                     $3,600

2.5-3.49                                   $3,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to play for one of Mercyhurst’s Division II athletic teams? Several MNE athletes have successfully made the jump to a Erie campus athletic team. If you are interested in doing the same, first speak with your MNE coach. They will let the Erie campus coach know you are interested, so that he or she may evaluate you to see if you’d be a good fit for the team. All NCAA athletic eligibility rules apply.

Do I have to pick a program associated with my current degree or certificate? No. You could choose any Mercyhurst bachelor’s degree, just realize that the more closely the program is associated with your current degree or certificate, the quicker you will complete your bachelor’s degree. If you are a criminal justice major, for example, and decide to pursue a bachelor’s in business, it could take you 3+ years to complete, as opposed to most likely 2 years to complete a criminal justice bachelor’s degree.

Can I live on campus? Assuming you are in good standing with the Office of Residence Life at your current campus, there should be no reason that you would not be allowed to live in one of our on campus apartments or townhouses.