Welcome, Iroquois School District Employees!

If you are looking to fulfill ACT 48 requirements*, earn an advanced degree or pursue professional development, Mercyhurst University and the Iroquois School District can help you get there. Through Mercyhurst’s Educational Benefits Supplemental Grant program, eligible Iroquois School District employees may qualify for a $650 per course grant on graduate-level programs at Mercyhurst’s main campus and online, in addition to any tuition reimbursement offered through the school district. This partnership allows you to earn graduate-level credits at significantly reduced out-of-pocket cost—less than $100 per credit. Students may also be eligible for low interest federal loans or other sources of financial aid to cover costs completely. Learn more about graduate financial aid here.

*Non-degree seeking students can also take courses to fulfill ACT 48 hours.

Whether you're pursuing a degree through an online or on-campus program, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art learning resources and dedicated professors eager to share years of invaluable experience. After checking out the eligible graduate programs below, you can either request more information or apply online for FREE.

Online Graduate Certificate

Autism Spectrum Disorder is the fastest-growing disability diagnosis in children. Build your skills as a clinician and educator with specialized coursework integrating the latest research, principles and applications in autism and behavioral health. This certificate culminates with a recognized Pennsylvania Department of Education Autism Endorsement for any teacher or other education professional who holds a current Level I or Level II certificate. Credits also apply to the master’s in Special Education & Applied Disability Studies.

Learn more about the Autism graduate certificate here.

Secondary Education
Online Master of Science

Build pedagogical knowledge and techniques related to your area of interest while further honing your classroom leadership skills. This Master of Science degree is also valuable for those considering administrative leadership positions in a school district.

If you're a non-teaching school district employee with a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, English, math, history or another social science, this comprehensive program will allow you to earn a master’s degree and Pennsylvania Department of Education teaching certification in as little as one year.

All graduate coursework for this program is online, coupled with 12 weeks of student teaching practicum experiences in a middle school or high school classroom near your home.

Learn more about Secondary Education here.

Special Education & Applied Disability Studies
Master of Science (online/on-campus hybrid)

Improve your resume—or, if you’re a certified teacher, add dual certification—and acquire the skills, knowledge and practical experience to provide services to students and adults with special learning or behavioral needs. The program’s curriculum focuses on the principles of normalization, critical pedagogy and accommodation of individual differences in preparation for a career as a behavior specialist, human services administrator or coordinator of disability services.

You can further specialize your degree with concentrations available in AutismApplied Behavior Analysis, or English Language Learners.

Learn more about Special Education and Applied Disability Studies here.

Organizational Leadership
Master of Science (online or on campus)

Leadership is about adapting to change, earning trust and gaining support, creating vision and making ethical decisions. Studying Organizational Leadership (OL) equips you with an understanding of leadership principles, opportunities to further develop leadership skills, and effective ways to think critically, solve problems and make sound decisions. This skills learned in this program will complement almost every background and can be applied in virtually every field. Through OL, graduate students learn about the complex process of leadership and how they can practice it in their organizations as informed, prepared leaders.

Since 1998, more than 90 percent of our OL graduates have leveraged their grad degrees to begin new careers or to accept promotions with their employers. Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on collaboration, interactive exercises, case studies and the study of theory to develop leaders who know how to drive performance and motivate others to achieve results. Customize your degree to your interests and career goals with concentrations in: accounting, higher education administration, human resource management, sports leadership, and strategy and innovation.

The OL program is an excellent alternative for those considering MBA programs, though it differs in several key ways. Whereas MBA programs primarily focus on organizational rules, procedures and problem solving in a business structure, the OL program emphasizes entrepreneurship, vision and strategy, team building, motivation and empowering others to meet needs.

Learn more about Organizational Leadership here.

Application Resources

For questions, contact the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education at 814-824-3351. To determine eligibility for the tuition discount, all applicants must submit the Employer Reimbursement Form (available on the Mercyhurst student portal) and the Educational Benefits Supplemental Grant Program Application. After completing the forms, please submit them to Travis Lindahl in the Office of Graduate & Continuing Education by email to or by fax to 814-824-3297.

In compliance with the “gainful employment” regulations under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, as amended, Mercyhurst is disclosing certain cost and career information to prospective students. You can view this information by clicking here.