The Associate of Science in Interior Design (ASID) degree prepares students for careers in the field of interior design as well as for continuation on to a Bachelor of Science degree in interior design. The program supports the view that the creative talents and technical skills of the educated designer should focus on the human element within the design process. Students use their artistic abilities and interests to find solutions that are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive.

Students of interior design at Mercyhurst are uniquely positioned to enter the multifaceted profession of interior design in both the contract and residential sectors.  Learning outcomes include effective communication and collaboration skills, ability to identify and solve simple to complex design problems, ability to identify and apply appropriate building standards and regulations, understanding and application of integrated and sustainable design practices, and knowledge of design business principles and practices.

Students are encouraged to participate in the many extra-curricular activities within the department including involvement in the Interior Design Club which supports membership to one of the two professional design organizations: ASID (American Society of Interior Design and IIDA (International Interior Design Association.). This engagement with the professional community provides the hands-on design experiences and recognitions that lead to successful careers.

Liberal Core Requirements

  • ENG 120 Research and Writing (Core 1)
  • RLST 100 Intro to Religious Studies (Core 2)
  • ENVS 100/101 Environmental Problem Solving & Lab (Core 5)
  • SOC 108 Human Growth and Development (Core 7)
  • ID 231 Human Factors Design (Core 7)

Major Course Requirements

  • ID 100 Design Basics
  • ID 105 Technical Graphics I
  • ID 107 Introduction to Interior Design
  • ID 111 Interior Design Studio I - Residential
  • ID 130 Introduction to Digital Presentation
  • ID 200 Building Technology
  • ID 205 Technical Graphics II
  • ID 210 Interior Design Graphics
  • ID 211 Interior Design Studio II - Corporate
  • ID 220 History of Interior Design and Architecture I
  • ID 221 History of Interior Design and Architecture II
  • ID 230 Materials, Systems, and Assemblies I
  • ID 231 Human Factors Design
  • ID 375 Business and Professional Practices for Interior Designers
  • ID 405 Technical Graphics III

One of the following electives:

  • ID 102 Western Feng Shui
  • ID 320 Furniture Design
  • ID 340 LEED GA Preparation
  • ID 360 Digital Photography and Photo Montage
  • ID 365 Layout and Display Graphics
  • ID 450 Advanced Independent Study in Interior Design or approved substitute
  • Other approved Art, Business, or Sustainability course